Follow My Trail To The Valley’s Photo Hotspots

Hi Folks,

Orange Marigold After Rain

Have you ever wondered where to go in the Valley for great nature photos? Many people have no idea that there are plenty of photo hotspots right under our noses…so to speak. Others know of, and have visited a great location, but come home with only so-so images? Their pictures lack that “wow” or “awe” factor. When you are shooting at a location, there are certain vantage points that are better to shoot from than others but how do you know where these points are the first time you visit some location?

I’m currently working on a series of articles on places to shoot in the Rio Grande Valley. You have already read the first two articles on my favorite private ranches. I’ll be adding a third in the coming days and then I’m going to turn my attention to some of the great public places to photograph. So what can you expect to see in upcoming articles?

* Knowledge of where these photo hotspots are in the Valley

* Knowledge of the common subjects to be photographed at each location

* Equipment and technique needed to capture the image

* Knowledge of where to go once on the premises (some vantage points really are better than others)

* Tips on getting that special image

There is nothing like discovering a place on your own but it’s always great to have a little direction from someone who has already been down that trail. I think you are going to really enjoy this series of articles and my hope is that the next time you visit one of these locations, you’ll be saying “wow” when you view your images.

Until then, may the good light shine down upon you….


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