ImageSpotlight: Green Lynx Spider

The green lynx spider is undoubtedly my favorite spider. With their chartreuse colored body and translucent legs, they are quite photogenic and thus, make excellent subjects. Interestingly, they not only inject their venom into their prey, they also spray their venom, a behavior not known to be associated with any other spider. They pose little threat to humans, however, as their bite is equated to the familiar sting of a bee. They hunt among shrubs and herbs, and in South Texas, they can always be found among the prickly pear cactus.

On this particular day, I had noticed the bountiful prickly pear blooms and wanted to capture that vivid yellow color in my photograph. I searched for the green lynx among the flowers, knowing that green on yellow would make an excellent color combination. It didn’t take long to spot this young spider walking among the blooms so I began to photograph it from various angles. The early morning sun had risen towards the spider’s hind legs so I positioned the flash to my left, which would illuminate the spider’s head/face at approximately a 45degree angle. This was my primary light source. Shooting in Av mode, I chose a setting of f18 to capture as much detail as possible in the flower and spider. I selectively focused on the spider, which is where the eye first goes when viewing the image. The result was exactly what I had envisioned and hoped for.

Green Lynx Spider On Prickly Pear Bloom. Canon 1DMkII, ef 180/3.5 macro lens, ISO 400, f18, 550ex flash at -1. Click on image for a better view.

On a personal note, I like the delicateness of the flower petals, along with the details in both the petals and the spider itself. The spider was placed in the upper right “rule of thirds” intersection, leading into the frame. The real bonus, which I was unaware I had captured until I reviewed the image on the computer, was the illuminated web trailing the spider’s hind end.

Until next time, Keep Shooting… – Kevin

2 thoughts on “ImageSpotlight: Green Lynx Spider

    • Thanks Janie. I hope it’s providing you and others with some good info on what I was thinking/doing when I got the shot. Hopefully it helps your photography when you are out snapping pics.

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