ImageSpotlight: Northern Cardinal

Well, I’m currently laid up in bed recovering from gall bladder surgery, so I decided to pull one of my old files to share with you. This image is one of my first digital files and I still really like it. I believe I took this in 2005, just after the 2004 Valley Land Fund photo contest. I often joked that had I taken the image during the contest, it likely would have placed in the birds category. I could be wrong of course, but it has a lot going for it. The thorny shrub provides a beautiful v-shaped perch, and the tiny red blooms compliment the birds bright red feathers. What really takes this one over the top though is that perfectly raised crest.

Northern Cardinal: Canon D60 | 500/4.5 | Settings Unknown

I’d like to tell you that I planned for the bird to rest on that perch, that I was waiting for it to raise its crest, and that I used a specific f-stop to blur that background. To be honest though, in 2005 I was just sitting at a blind near a bird feeder and this shot just presented itself. Sometimes we just get lucky but one thing to take away from this image is this….you have to spend time in the field if you want lady luck to shine down upon you.

Until next time, keep shooting… – KEVIN

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