ImageSpotlight: Crested Caracara

The crested caracara, which is often referred to as the Mexican Eagle, is actually in the falcon family. It can be found in Cuba, Northern parts of South America, Central America, Mexico, South Texas, parts of Florida, and Southern Arizona. The caracara has a 47 inch wingspan but frequently runs and walks on the ground. Although it will hunt its own food, the caracara is a scavenger and quite an adept thief, stealing food from other birds.

The caracara can easily be baited to a particular area so carefully select an attractive perch with a pleasing background and get ready for some fun photographic action. The following image was the result of one very productive morning at The Martin Refuge. You can read about that outing in my November 2011 archive.

Crested Caracara| Canon 1DsMkII | 500/4.5 | f7.1 | ISO400 | 1/3200

On a personal note, I normally do not prefer a solid blue background, preferring the greens/browns of the brush country instead or some clouds in the sky. However, the beautiful wingspan and fanned tail make this one a keeper for me.

Until next time, keep shooting. — Kevin

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