ImageSpotlight: Black-Crested Titmouse

The black-crested titmouse is a fan favorite of birders and photographers alike. Found in most of Texas, eastern Mexico, and a small part of Oklahoma, these birds will nest in tree cavities, fence posts, bird boxes, and even telephone poles. They will forage on insects, spiders. snails, acorns, seeds and sometimes, they will forage upside down. If you live within their range and are in an area where there is heavy tree growth, you can easily attract them with suet and sunflower seeds. 

Photographing on a 65-acre piece of brush near Linn, Texas, I used a mixture of sunflower seed and chicken scratch to attract these birds. I attracted other species as well, but these songbirds were frequent visitors. On this particular shot, I’m not quite sure why this bird decided to hang upside down, but I was sure glad that he did.

Until next time, remember to spend some time with your kids outdoors. — KEVIN


Black-Crested Titmouse| Canon 1DMkII| 500/4.5| f8| ISO400

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