ImageSpotlight: Brush Country In Bloom

When people think of wildflowers in Texas, they are typically thinking bluebonnets, paint blanket’s and paintbrush in the hill country. If you followed my last post, you’ll understand why. However, there are certain years where the southern tip of the state is showy in its own right and the Spring of 2012 was one of those great years for brush country blooms. On a Friday afternoon headed to the Texas Hill Country, I spotted this beautiful blanket of yellow along Highway 281 between Falfurrias and Georgewest. With a dense population of flowers I had no choice but to pull over and get a few photos. To capture this image, I had to get right up against the barbed wire fence, place my tripod across it, then lean over and try to compose. It cost me a hole in my shirt but to borrow a line from Dance’s With Wolves, I think it was a… “good trade”.  What do you think? (Click on the image to see it in more detail)

Brush Country Blooms: Canon 1Ds MkII | 24-70mm @ 35mm | f16 | ISO 200

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