ImageSpotlight: Brush Country In Bloom-Part 2

A common mistake many shutterbugs make when they photograph a scene is that they quit too soon. They see the initial image that grabbed their attention, aim their camera, press the shutter, then walk away. However, if they would simply work the scene a little more, e.g. by changing camera angles, lenses, or simply moving a few feet in another direction, they would find that there are other wonderful photos waiting to be discovered. In the last ImageSpotlight post, I showcased a scene of the brush country covered in a blanket of daisies. About 30 yards North of that image, I discovered the picture highlighted here.

Brush Country In Bloom-2: Canon 1DsMkII | 24-70/2.8 | ISO 200 | Graduated ND Filter.

When I photographed the scene in the prior post, this beautiful inlet of color was not visible. By simply walking around a little, I discovered this long strip of color leading into the brush. Had I simply pressed the shutter on the original image and put the camera away, I would have missed this opportunity. It took some time and practice for me to learn how to work a scene and truth be told I think I’m still learning; but that little bit of extra time and work sure is worth it.

So the next time you take a photograph, challenge yourself to take another with a different lens, or from a different perspective. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I think you’ll find some unexpected treasures if you do.

Until next time, keep shooting. — KEVIN

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