ImageSpotlight: White-tipped Dove

The white-tipped dove is named for the white tips on its tail feathers (barely noticeable here), which are typically easiest to see when the bird is in flight. These doves are most often seen foraging on the ground so images of these birds perched on a limb are not nearly as common as the ground-level shots. There was plenty of seed on the ground and I was about to get in the prone position to take advantage of the low perspective. However, I noticed that this bird kept tilting its head sideways, looking up at this branch. I patiently waited and a few minutes later, up it went. I captured several images of the bird facing forward but what really set this shot apart from the rest was the graceful lines and movement of the bird’s pose.

Until next time, enjoy the great outdoors.–KEVIN

White-tipped Dove. Canon 1DMkII | 500/4.5 | ISO

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