Learning The Fundamentals – Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want!

I’m close to finalizing a photography workshop for beginning photographers and I’m looking at doing this toward the end of June. This is an introductory photography course designed to give participants a solid foundation in photography, learning things such as how cameras work, light, aperture, exposure, depth of field, and composition. Plus, you’ll learn what all those buttons on the camera are and when it might be advantageous to use one over another. Many photographers (some that are my friends :)) own 35mm DSLR cameras and they use them in fully automatic mode, turning these technological marvels into expensive point and click cameras. Whether your interests are nature, sports, or family portraits, you need to understand the fundamentals first. So if your camera is always set to that green rectangle or on Program (P) mode, this workshop is for you.

You will learn your cameras basic zone (those icons on your camera’s mode dial) and what the camera is thinking when you choose one of those settings. If you choose to shoot in the basic zone, you should at least know how each setting will affect your images. After completing this workshop, you will be ready for the next step and that is to move off of the fully automatic modes where the camera is making all the choices in your photography, and on to the creative zone (those semi-automatic modes such as Av and Tv).  It is here where you can begin to take greater control of your pictures by making decisions about how you want your images to look and then consciously selecting the right settings to achieve that desired look. This is my intermediate level workshop but before we get to that, we need a foundation.

Before I finalize this fundamental workshop, I want to get your feedback. Tell me what you would like to learn and I will try to include this in the training session. I’d also like to know how many times you want to meet? Vote in the poll below and leave me your comments. I will likely limit the session to 6-8 photographers so that I can assign people to 2-person teams in the field and have ample time to spend with everyone. The classroom part of the training will likely be held in the afternoon so that we can have the warm evening light for our in-field sessions.

7 thoughts on “Learning The Fundamentals – Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want!

    • Thanks Irene, I’ll pencil you in. I’m looking for training venues at the moment and so far considering the Edinburg World Birding Center (tentative approval pending dates) or the Bentsen World Birding Center (still need to talk to them).

    • Sounds good. Get that camera in so we get it back in time. I’ll be emailing you the link to the private gallery for grad pic viewing. Images came out really nice.

  1. For all who have expressed an an interest in the workshop. I am still trying to finalize the venue. So far, Edinburg World Birding Center has some available dates. I am also trying to contact Quinta Mazatlan and Bentsen World Birding Center. I am leaning towards a 2-session workshop (one day per week). Given the lighting conditions in the summer, I think we could spend 1-2 hours in a classroom setting, then the remainder of the time shooting the afternoon/evening light. Our shooting time would be much longer as the light would just keep getting better until dark. The sun is bright in the morning and good shooting light fades rapidly by about 8:30-9:00 unless there is a lot of cloud cover. One other consideration depending on the venue, a Saturday shoot may not be the most desirable as many people are at the parks and that can interfere with our shooting. This could be minimized with a during the week shoot so let me know your thoughts about middle of the week versus a Saturday shoot.

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