ImageSpotlight: Mexican Ground Squirrel

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything on the blog but it feels longer than that to me. In case you are wondering, I have been extremely busy working on my dissertation, trying to get people who have committed to completing a survey to actually honor that commitment. Executives have obvious priorities in their organizations and a survey is not one of them so I have to stay on top of things, which unfortunately pulls me away from photography at times. The good news though, I think I will have enough data by the end of August to begin the data analysis. If I am lucky, I might be able to graduate with my doctorate in December. If not…..hello May. 🙂 Now, back to photography….

The image highlighted here is an older file that I captured when I used to frequently shoot  at Santa Clara Ranch. In one respect, I have violated the rule of not allowing the perch to be so dominant in the image. Yet, this composition still works in my opinion because of the way the squirrel is using the perch to sit and enjoy a free meal in soft warm light. The perch here has a lot of character and interest and together, the image comes together.


Mexican Ground Squirrel. Canon 1DMkII | 500/4.5 | ISO 400.

I have not completely been away from photography. I have been working on materials for a workshop I am trying to finalize. I have also been getting outdoors with my children, teaching them more about photography as they compete in the VLF youth photo contest. Finally, I have finished writing another post on “Places to Photograph” which I will be posting here in about two weeks.

Until next time…. KEVIN

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