ImageSpotlight: Whitetail Buck Encounter

My objective on this day was to photograph whitetail fawns. While I happened to see a few, they were not hanging around in the open long enough for any decent shots. So, I turned my attention to the images that were presenting themselves…bucks in velvet. There were quite a few big bucks and I have other portraits of them that I will share on this blog at a later date. However, I also like to capture behavioral shots whenever I get the chance.

The image highlighted here is that of two bucks browsing on corn I had put out for them to eat. As they approached each other I anticipated they might raise on their hind legs and swat at each other with their front hooves as I had seen this type of behavior several times this morning. So, I flipped the camera to vertical and waited. The spat never came but this interaction did. What I like about this image is that the viewer’s interpretation of the behavior can vary based upon what they see. Is this a friendly encounter or a sign of a battle that is to come later in December?

Whitetail Buck Encounter. Canon 1DsMkII | 500mm | 1/2000 | f8 | ISO 400

Until next time…enjoy the great outdoors. –KEVIN

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