South Texas Whitetails-Fall 2012

My photography has been fairly limited this year as I’ve been fully immersed in my dissertation research. However, I have learned first-hand that “all work and no play” really does make for a “dull day”.  So, over the past couple of weekends I have ventured out to one of my favorite spots for photographing South Texas Whitetail and each outing has been quite rewarding. On my first trip, I had overcast conditions and was able to shoot long into the mid-morning hours with the sun hidden behind the clouds. On my second trip, I had a clear sky so the sun was visible as it came up over the horizon. This provided wonderfully warm light for photography. However, under these conditions a morning shoot can end early as the unfiltered light can quickly get harsh. Still, the warmth and contrast of this light makes for fantastic images. While I normally shoot with the sun at my back, I challenged myself to try and capture some images shooting into the morning sun. I also tried to capture some environmental images in addition to the traditional types of shots you have seen me post on this blog. Some of the images worked great, others didn’t. In each case, the challenge stretched my abilities and those are the things that help us keep improving as photographers.

Until next time, challenge yourself, get out there and keep shooting…–KEVIN



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