ImageSpotlight: Morning Mist Whitetail

I love taking photographs in inclement weather. Over the past 48 hours we have been experiencing mist and rain in South Texas. The Saturday morning weather forecast called for more of the same so I packed my gear the night before and set my alarm for 4:30 A.M. in anticipation of a classic Southern Texas image.

Several weeks earlier I was driving down a ranch road with a friend of mine when I noticed an open meadow lined with cactus and yucca plants, which are common throughout much of the ranch country. I openly stated that I’d like to photograph a big buck in that area so I made note of the spot and then waited for the right conditions to make my return.

With the plant and animal life wet from the rain and mist, I knew the colors would be deeply saturated and the antlers of the buck would take on a rich chocolate color. I set a little corn on the ground in a spot that I wanted the deer, then setup my camera equipment and waited. With the low light conditions, I cranked up the ISO on the camera to 800, the highest I’m comfortable using with the Canon 7D. Even at this ISO, my shutter speeds were minimal and I questioned whether I would have a sharp enough image at those settings. As I saw the buck emerge from the brush in the background, I remember thinking how I wished I owned the 5DMkIII or 1Dx, which can handle ISO speeds upward of 3200. As the saying goes though, you can wish in one hand and…..well, you know how it goes.

The buck found the corn then put his head down to eat. I made a little squeak sound to get him to raise his head and position his ears forward, then squeezed off a series of images. The result is the image you see below. While I’d still like to have the cameras I mentioned, that Canon 7D came through for me and I have a great image for my files.

So the next time the weather turns a little south on you…get out there and keep shooting. -KEVIN

Whitetail in Morning Mist. Canon 7D | 70-200 + 1.4x | ISO 800

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