ImageSpotlight: Rio Grande Wild Turkey

I’ve been busy with other duties over the past few weeks and it feels like months since I’ve gone out with my camera. This morning I went back to one of my favorite whitetail spots but my normally dependable bucks were nowhere to be found. The rut is on here in South Texas and those bucks are roaming the brush country looking for love. But, this post is about the Rio Grande Wild Turkey, not whitetail. I have very few turkey images so I’ll take any opportunity when it comes my way.

My morning had been rather slow and as I was sitting in one area contemplating my next move, I caught the faint chuckle of turkey at a distance. The chuckles kept getting nearer so I stayed put. A few minutes later, four Toms came out of the brush and into a more open area. I fired some shots and hoped they would start displaying but they were just passing through.

Seeing the turkey was a nice surprise and although I did not see any displays, I added a few nice images to my portfolio so all in all, it was a productive morning, albeit a very drab one.

Until next time, get outdoors and keep shooting. — KEVIN

Click on image for better view.

Rio Grande Wild Turkey.  Canon 1DsMkII | 500mm | f5.6 | ISO400

Rio Grande Wild Turkey. Canon 1DsMkII | 500mm | f5.6 | ISO400

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