A few from South Padre Island…

Had an opportunity to photograph at South Padre Island last weekend. I normally take photos from the boardwalk at the World Birding Center but this time, my friend and I decided to put on our waders and try our luck underneath the boardwalk. It was a cool 50 degrees (that’s cold to us South Texas natives) on this gray winter morning and we were hoping to photograph waterfowl and other shorebirds. The weather forecast called for the sun to finally break from the clouds and though it eventually would (very briefly) and provide nice light, we had not anticipated rain. The shower that met us was brief but it was enough to get our front element wet. Not having anticipated any rain, all of our cleaning cloths were in the truck and there was no choice but to leave our spot in order to clean the front element. As you can imagine, all of this commotion would have a negative impact on our photo opportunities from the boardwalk. After cleaning our glass, we decided to wade to an isolated patch of cover and attempt to photograph the pelicans and other small shorebirds (dowitcher, plovers, etc) that were in the area. While this was not our original intention, we were able to capture some nice images of these birds. I’m showcasing three of the photos below, all captured with a Canon 7D and 500/4.5 lens at an ISO of 640.

Until next time… –KEVIN

Click on the images for a better view.

130106_SPI__MG_5465_0013-Edit-20130106 130106_SPI__MG_5840_0367-20130106 130106_SPI__MG_5942_0457-20130106

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