ImageSpotlight: Reddish Egret

Reddish Egret. Canon 7D | 500mm | f7.1 | ISO 400

Reddish Egret. Canon 7D | 500mm | f7.1 | ISO 400

I posted some shots of this bird a few weeks ago. If you recall, I had good action/behavior in those images, but the light was quite dull and gray. Last weekend I made another trip to South Padre Island to see if I could capture this same bird in good light. I also decided to change my perspective. Rather than shooting from the boardwalk at the World Birding Center, I decided to wade into the bay and photograph from a lower angle. Was I glad I made the trip on this day. The early morning light was perfect and this reddish egret obliged by giving me many photo opportunities. I’m still going through that morning’s images. I am sharing this one with you because I loved the wing spread and of course, the prey in its beak, along with the action of the water frozen in time. If you go back and compare this image to the ones captured in gray light, it is very easy to see the difference that good light makes. With photography, it’s all about the light.

Until next time, keep shooting. –KEVIN

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