ImageSpotlight: Moses!

I have limited time to write much other than to say I had another great outing this past weekend and I simply wanted to share one of the images I really enjoyed seeing after I downloaded my pics. This male redhead duck was fast approaching and with his flaps down, I knew he was going to land in front of me so I acquired focus while he was flying and started tracking, anticipating the minute he would hit the water. If you’ve ever watched ducks, you know that they hit the water hard then slide a few feet before coming to a stop. This, in turn, creates wonderful water action. The key to this type of image is to acquire focus in Ai-Servo (Canon) or Continuous (Nikon) mode and continue tracking while depressing the shutter just before they hit the water. Of course, the other key is to assure that your camera settings are set to maximum fire rate. My Canon 7D shoots 8 frames per second, which is why it is currently my go to camera when I am shooting action. The more frames per second your camera is capable of shooting, the greater your odds of capturing the perfect moment.

I cropped this photo to a panoramic format because this is the part of the image where the action and drama are occurring and this format helps emphasize what has just transpired. As for the moniker “Moses”…a friend of mine christened this image with that name. Whenever I give a photo presentation, I typically make a comment that an image should inspire the viewer’s emotions or thoughts. When my friend saw this image, she was transcended to that Biblical passage where Moses parts the red sea. Looking at my image now, so am I.

Until next time, keep shooting. –KEVIN

Moses.  Canon 7D | 500mm | f7.1  ISO 400

Moses. Canon 7D | 500mm | f7.1 ISO 400

2 thoughts on “ImageSpotlight: Moses!

    • Hey Steve,

      I appreciate the time to visit and comment on my blog. I have many images that I still have to go through but this one was just a joy to see and share.
      Best regards, Kevin

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