ImageSpotlight: Redhead Duck

I’ve been enjoying these ducks for the past few weeks at South Padre Island, Texas. They are currently wintering here so I keep going out, trying to capture their behavior. This shot was difficult to get simply because there were so many of them that isolating one duck away from the rest was challenging. When I did have one isolated, they never seemed to flap their wings. It was a lesson of patience and perseverance but eventually, I started to figure out their body language and recognize when one was about to flap its wings. Scanning the ducks on the perimeter, I could tell this duck was about to give a full wing extension and to my good fortune, the light was just right. When it raised its body out of the water, I fired away. I particularly liked this shot with its wings in the forward position, the warm light illuminating the face, and just enough depth of field to render the duck sharp and the background blurry. It was a fun morning from which I will be sharing more images in the near future.

Until next time, Keep Shooting. — KEVIN

Redhead Duck. Canon 7D | 500mm | f7.1 | ISO400

Redhead Duck. Canon 7D | 500mm | f7.1 | ISO400

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