Easter Sunrise

Easter Sunrise. Canon 1DsMkII | 24-70 @ 24mm | ND & Grad ND filters.

Easter Sunrise. Canon 1DsMkII | 24-70 @ 24mm | ND & Grad ND filters.
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Last Easter (2012) I took a trip to the Texas Hill Country to photograph the bluebonnets. I cut my trip a day short to drive back home and spend this time with my family. As I was driving, I began to reflect on the message of Easter and was really in awe of what it meant for Jesus Christ to have risen from the dead. I was even more amazed that He was willing to suffer on the cross on my account. Needless to say, I was giving a lot of thanks on the drive, knowing that I was not worthy; yet, by His grace I had been given a wonderful gift.

As I was winding through the backroads from the town of Lytle to get on highway 281, I rounded a curve in the road and saw this scene unfolding. I just had to pull over and try to get a photograph. I immediately envisioned a Biblical image, which I’ll explain shortly. The shot itself presented a challenge as there were two lanes on my side of the road, a wide grassy median, two lanes on the opposite side of the median, and a bit of open space between the road and the fence-line where the fog was heaviest. I had to make some quick decisions as the sun was not going to wait for me.

Anyone who has ever photographed a sunrise knows that the sun comes up fast and there is little time to get the right shot. I needed to be on the other side of the highway but did not have time to drive and find a turnaround spot in the road. I had to shoot from my current position. From where I was, my 24-70 could not capture the scene without including the unwanted highway. I switched lenses to my 70-200 but those focal lengths cutout the important trees on each side of the photo. I decided to compose the scene for a panoramic image that I would create in post production. So, I switched back to the 24-70mm, knowing I would crop out the highway between me and the image that I wanted. Utilizing some neutral density and graduated ND filters, I was able to record what I had envisioned as my final photograph.

Now, back to the comment I made earlier about seeing a ‘Biblical Image’. Perhaps because I had been in deep meditation about the meaning of Easter, when I rounded the curve I immediately saw the following:

* Trees – these represent us as people. I mentioned that the two outer trees were important and here is why. Outside of the balance they give the image compositionally, they represent how we as people are ‘scattered’ about the land.

* Fog – in this image, represents sin, which engulfs the people and leaves them unable to see clearly.

* Sun – represents the “Son” and just as the sun is “rising” on this easter morning, so too is the “son” risen.

* Tones in Sky – dark clouds giving way to the warmer orange/reddish toned colors in the sky, with the warmer/reddish tones representing the blood of Christ.

We all know what happens to fog when the sun comes up. So in this scene, one can envision the “son” (sun) rising and the “sin” (fog) dissipating. Now how cool is that? So as you enjoy this Easter with your friends and family, don’t forget the real importance of the day and take pause for a moment to give thanks that the Son is risen.

Blessings to each of you and until next time…keep shooting. –KEVIN

3 thoughts on “Easter Sunrise

  1. I’d like to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response of this image and the message behind it. Olan, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to call me and share your thoughts. Maybe we’ll have the opportunity to photograph together someday.

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