ImageSpotlight: Bobcat

Bobcat. Campos Viejos Ranch, Starr County, Texas.

Bobcat. Campos Viejos Ranch, Starr County, Texas.

I was going through some older images and found this nice surprise that I had overlooked. Anyone who has ever shot with me knows that I normally carry two cameras in the field, one full-frame camera with a 500mm mounted to it, and then a crop camera body typically mounted with a 70-200/2.8 lens. When a subject is too close for my 500mm, I switch to the 70-200 lens. That has always been a good 1-2 punch for me.

On this hot summer afternoon, I only had one camera body and I had the 500mm attached to it since I was photographing birds and smaller mammals at the pond. This bobcat suddenly appeared from the brush and within seconds, he was too close for the 500mm. I contemplated switching to the 70-200 but feared that I would lose the shot while switching lenses. So, I opted for a few tight portraits. The image on the blog header was of this same bobcat and one of my favorites from the shoot. Giving my attention to that image, I overlooked the photo spotlighted here. When I went back through these files, I was pleasantly surprised with it.

So, that’s it for now. Life has me extremely busy trying to get other things done so that I can prepare for an upcoming Texas Hill Country wildflower trip. More on that trip in the near future…Until next time, keep shooting. –KEVIN

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