ImageSpotlight: Nine-Banded Armadillo


Although these 9-banded armadillos range throughout most of the Southern United States, parts of the Mid-west, and most of Latin America, Texans have a particular affinity with it as we have claimed the Armadillo as the state mammal of Texas. Although edible (known as the poor man’s pork), it’s not on anyone’s menu that I am aware of and you won’t hear anyone talking about going Armadillo hunting. The armadillo gained in popularity due to its association with the national beer of Texas, Lone Star. The company’s old commercials claimed that a giant armadillo would come by and rip the roof of an establishment in order to get to the beer. Later commercials coined the slogan, “I know about the armadillo,” which implied that a person drank Lone Star.

One hot summer day, I had the good fortune of having this armadillo come for a much needed drink at the pond. Before dipping his mouth in the water, he stopped and looked in my direction. The 500mm I had mounted was too much lens to capture the whole body but it was just the right lens for a nice portrait. Thank goodness the light was great.

So until next time, I’ll leave you with one question, “do you know about the armadillo?” I do. –KEVIN

Here is a link to an old Lone Star commercial, for those with an interest.

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