Photo Competitions

Hello everyone. I’ve been absent from the blog for awhile as I have moved from Texas to the East Coast. The move and adjusting to a new location has been a busy time for me and I simply have had little time for other things. However, prior to leaving Texas, I entered an online photo competition and had a good showing, which is the subject of this post.

The last time I seriously competed in a photo competition was 2008, when I entered and placed 2nd in the Valley Land Fund Wildlife Photo Contest. I quit competing after that contest because I had to focus my attention on completing my doctoral studies. However, with the PhD behind me, I decided to try my hand at photo competitions again. I entered Karl Taylor’s online competition which was themed “Yellow”. To compete, one had to submit an entry that matched the theme of the contest. The subject could be anything the photographer desired. I decided to enter a Yellow flower, knowing that many yellow flowers would likely be submitted. To make the Top 25, it would need to be a special flower image, and that would come down to one very important thing….light!┬áThe link to the video above gives excellent critique of images and is worth watching.

So why enter a photo competition? From my perspective photo competitions give direction to your photography and challenge you to come up with creative ways to capture a given subject. That alone is worth entering, but competitions can also expand our abilities and diversify our portfolios. If that’s not enough, success in a competition gives us some feedback about the quality of our images. Lastly, and depending on the type of contest entered, there is the opportunity to meet new photography friends. I have been fortunate enough to experience all of these benefits over the years and look forward to future photo competitions. Here’s wishing you success with your photography endeavors.

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. — KEVIN