ImageSpotlight: Whitetail in Velvet

Backlit Whitetail In Velvet.

Backlit Whitetail In Velvet.

I was going through my whitetail files and found this image I had taken a couple of years ago. I thought I would share this now because it serves as a good example of why I generally do not delete photos if they are sharp. This buck came in so close that I had no choice but to crop the legs off in the composition. Missing legs can be a distraction to some viewers but since this photo was tack sharp, I filed it away and forgot about it.

Looking for a different image in my files yesterday, I came across this photo. Seeing it again two years later, I decided to process it because it had many things going for it. Sharpness has already been mentioned, but the backlighting has formed a beautiful rim light around the velvet antlers and these really pop against that warm, creamy background. The buck has a very alert pose, with ears finely attuned to whatever has captured his gaze. Taken in unison, these things make for a very pleasing image. I’ll leave it up to each viewer to determine whether this photos’ strengths overcome the missing legs but as for me, I am happy to have it in my files.

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. –KEVIN

2 thoughts on “ImageSpotlight: Whitetail in Velvet

    • Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting and commenting on the blog. I visited your site as well. You tell an interesting story to accompany your pictures. Here’s hoping the whitetail and birds in your area find the food source they need this winter.

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