Merry Christmas To All…


It’s Christmas Eve on the North American Continent, and as of this posting, it’s already Christmas day in places like Japan and Australia. I thought I would pause from my wildlife images and post these Christmas themed photos I took at a public garden I visited recently. Today is a special day for Christians around the globe as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure how others around the world celebrate this day, and respect that some of other faiths do not celebrate it, but for most Christians here in the USA, it is a time of family gatherings.

As I write this post, my mom, sisters, aunts, and cousins are busy making preparations to cook the turkey, ham, tamales, side dishes, and many desserts for tomorrow’s big feast. My aunt Esmy makes the best chocolate pie and woe to any of my nieces’ visiting boyfriends who dare to cut a slice of that when I am around. There are plenty of cheesecakes for them I say!!! I know, what about the spirit of Christmas? Ok, so they are actually allowed to eat the Chocolate pie, but I’ll give them an Eastwood-like stare and muffled growl as they put a slice, a very small slice, on their plate. That much is certain, lol! It’s a fun time for all in South Texas and with so many family members gathered together, my mom’s house is affectionately known as Animal Kingdom.


This summer marked my move from Texas to Georgia so this Christmas, I will not be returning to celebrate the holiday with my Texas family…but we will be there in spirit, and maybe Skype. I guess the boyfriends will get a pass on my chocolate pie this year. Instead, my immediate household will spend our first Christmas in Georgia and I will be smoking a Chicken on my new offset smoker. While Christmas day will not be as wild as I am used to, some very good friends will be visiting us the following day and we are looking forward to their visit.


So as we celebrate this very special day and time, I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. –KEVIN

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