ImageSpotlight: The One That Got Away

Snowy Egret.  Canon 7D | 500/4.5mm | ISO 400

Snowy Egret. Canon 7D | 500/4.5mm | ISO 400

If you have ever been around a fisherman, then you are most certainly familiar with stories about “the one that got away”. If this phrase is new to you, then let me briefly state that fisherman are notorious about fabricating tales about the gargantuan-sized fish that broke their line and got away. With each dramatic re-enactment of the fight between man and beast, that fish just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. After numerous accounts of the fabled event, that fisherman will soon have his self convinced he had hooked a whale. The whole thing is quite humorous to say the least. I’ve never been guilty myself, of dramatizing a story about “the one that got away”. You see, I land my fish. In fact, the last one I caught was so big that when I opened him up for filets, I found two Filipino fisherman inside….still in the boat. No sir, you’ll never hear me fabricating any stories about those that got away. 😉

Now, lets get to the fisherman featured in this post. I ventured out to South Padre Island one early morning to photograph shorebirds along the bay. There are a few piers near the World Birding Center where many waterfowl and shorebirds congregate. So, I put on my waders, grabbed a chair, and found a spot out in the water (and near the pier) before the sun rose. Shooting near water level, as opposed to shooting from the pier, would provide a more pleasing perspective to the image. I draped myself and equipment with a camo netting and within minutes, had birds all around me. This Snowy Egret was actively fishing for breakfast and for the most part, was very successful at catching his prey. However, the fish in mid-air is evidence that even nature’s best can’t catch them all. I’m not sure if the look in that egret’s eye is frustration or embarrassment, but I’d be willing to bet that when he tells this story back at the roost, that little minnow ends up being “Moby Dick”. It’s a fisherman thing. 🙂

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. — KEVIN

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