ImageSpotlight: Key West, Florida Sunset


This past June the family and I visited Key West, Florida. It’s a challenge getting out to photograph on family vacations as obviously, family activities take priority. However, I always look for opportunities when they arise and on one particular afternoon, I had such an opportunity. We had decided to spend the day at one particular beach and as everyone  was enjoying the water, I was busy scouting a location for a sunset photograph.

How I got the shot

I utilized two iPhone photography applications (Skyview Free and The Photograher’s Ephemeris) to determine exactly where the sun was going to set and at what time. I decided on this one palm tree, mentally composed the image, assessed the hour at which the sun would be just over the horizon, and then went snorkeling with the family. About an hour before I needed to get the shot, I prepped my equipment, setup my tripod, composed the shot, and patiently waited. As I waited, a couple with two beach chairs walked right into the scene and sat down under the palm tree. I debated on what to do about the couple. Should I include them in the image, sort of a “people in nature” scenic, ask if they could move over a few feet (that seemed a rude option), or should I move to another location? I decided to keep them in the image and clone them out if necessary. In the end, they left before I took the image so it all worked out. This particular image consists of 4 images merged in Photoshop (HDR), then processed in CS6. I do not often utilize the HDR technique but this seemed a good opportunity to try it. I was pleased with the final result.

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. — KEVIN

2 thoughts on “ImageSpotlight: Key West, Florida Sunset

  1. Hi Kevin. I love this picture. I will be painting this one soon. Love the palm tree and the sunset is gorgeous.

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