This week I started advertising my work on 500px.com. There are some amazing photos on this site posted by photographers across the globe and I was inspired to post some of my images to see how they stood up to the amazing photos of others. The images you see on 500px must reach a minimum “pulse” (algorithm based off the total views, likes, favorites, and comments posted by others) of 80 to be make it viewable in the tabs. Otherwise, one would have to search a key word or a particular photographer to see their work. A photo’s pulse can range from 0 to 100 and each photo has 24 hours to reach a maximum pulse. After 24 hours, and every 24 hours thereafter, the images lose pulse points. This keeps the top images fresh (all images really), so that viewers are constantly being exposed to new work. I’ve only posted a few images so far (10 or so at the time of this post) but I will continue adding them as the exposure is great. My highest pulse at this point is 95.1 but I’m gunning for 99+. While you’ve likely seen the images I’m posting on 500px, I hope you’ll have a look and like the images. You may decide to post some of your own. If you do, let me know so that I can see and enjoy your work.

To visit my 500px site, please click on:  http://500px.com/HurtNaturePhoto

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. –KEVIN

2 thoughts on “500px.com/HurtNaturePhoto

    • I think it is similar from what I know of the other stock photo sites. I think it’s a smaller site than say a flickr, but I like it for its simplicity and for the fact that a photo has only 24 hours in which to shine. Thus, each day is a fresh set of images occupying the first few pages.

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