ImageSpotlight: And Still More Hummingbirds



It won’t be long now before all the hummingbirds in my area migrate southward. However, while I still have a few visiting my feeders, I can’t help but continue to photograph these amazing little birds. If you sit and observe them long enough, you will come to identify their various personalities. They are apparently fearless, they travel to more states and/or countries than most people, and they are naturally adorned with iridescent colorful plumage that would make any fashion designer envious. For such a small bird, hummingbirds sure live large.

140921_Hummingbird__MG_1745_0027-20140921 140921_Hummingbird__MG_1701_0005-20140921





On this particular day, my young daughter decided to have a go at photographing them so I handed her my cable release, gave her some instructions on letting them get a drink and firing when they move back and hover, then I sat back and enjoyed watching her capture her first hummingbird photos. I’d say she did alright. Her images are below.

140921_Hummingbird__MG_1894_0129-20140921 140921_Hummingbird__MG_1871_0110-20140921

All images were captured with a Canon 7D, 70-200/2.8 lens at 200mm, ISO 320, f14, 1/200, and 4 flash heads. Click on an image for a better view.

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. –KEVIN

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