Looking Back at the Year 2014 (Video Link at Bottom)

The year 2014 began with a new opportunity to photograph birds on snow- and ice-covered perches. Having moved to Georgia from Southern Texas, this was a rare and exciting opportunity. While my favorite image of a titmouse on an icy perch could not be uploaded to iPhoto/iMovie for some reason, I have uploaded it on the blog so you could search for it on the blog with the key words “icy perch”. As the azaleas began to bloom in the Spring, I found myself having fun with digital art and oil paint filters. I spent the summer photographing local bird species in Georgia and traveling to Texas and Key West, Florida to photograph shorebirds. Finally, I returned to Texas and spent my time at my favorite whitetail hotspot.

I have a bit of a learning curve yet with video production. I’m sure there is a better video option than iMovie but I wanted to try the free options before I investigate software to purchase. Those of you who are video experts would do me a huge favor by leaving feedback with your experiences. And of course, I always appreciate any feedback given.

I’m currently working on 2015 images…

Until next time, enjoy the video linked below. –KEVIN

Kevin J. Hurt Photography-2014

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