ImageSpotlight: Reflection Bridge

This image may be difficult to truly appreciate given the size for internet viewing. It’s a panorama stitched from 5 different images. The day was extremely still and that allowed the capture of a mirror-like reflection of this bridge. Given the pale blue sky, I decided to minimize it in the image so that the focus of attention would remain on the bridge.

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. –KEVIN


Fall Cabin


Fall Cabin.  Canon 7D MkII | ef-s 10-22mm | ISO 200

Fall 2016 in Central Georgia has not been the most prolific. The temperatures have been hotter than normal and there has been little to no rain thus far. The colors have simply not been as abundant or long-lasting. Nevertheless, some colors do exist and the challenge for us as photographers is to find and make a pleasing image. The challenge for me was particularly great today because I also had to contend with shooting at the wrong time of day and the contrast between light and shadow.

I drove out to this old cabin and was pleased to see some colors extending above the cabin roof. Given that the colors extended high in the trees, I shot this image in a vertical orientation. While you can envision the peace of sitting on the rockers on a cool fall evening, there is one thing that the image simply cannot convey to the viewer….the deep scent of the pine cabin. I stood at the doorway and took a deep fresh breath, then hit the trails in search of another image.

Until next time…Good light and keep shooting.–KEVIN

ImageSpotlight: A Fall Scenic

Fall Scenic. Canon 7D | ef-s 15-85mm @ 59mm | ISO 100

Fall Scenic. Canon 7D | ef-s 15-85mm @ 59mm | ISO 100

Today I had the opportunity to get out and photograph in the afternoon so I ventured to a local park in search of a Fall scenic. The area where I live is not known for its extreme fall colors (need to drive about 3 hours North) but compared to where I just moved from, seeing any shades of red/orange/yellow is a welcomed sight.

I had no specific goals in mind on this afternoon shoot; a part of me simply wanted, one could argue needed, to get out into the natural environment. Thus, I grabbed my camera/tripod, a general purpose walk-around lens (ef-s 15-85mm), and challenged myself to capture an inspiring image. As I enjoyed the fall sights, sounds, and pine-filled scent in the air, I came across this lake and was instantly drawn by the bridge, warm colors, and reflections in the water. Once I found the perspective I wanted, I composed the image. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Until next time, good light and keep shooting. — KEVIN